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======Curriculum Vitae - Résumé======
|| 2012 – 2013 ||**Information Studies** (MSc), University of Amsterdam
- Master of Science //(cum laude)// in Information Studies
- Track "Human Centered Multimedia"
- 8.4 weighted average grade||
|| 2009 – 2012 ||**Future Planet Studies** (BSc), University of Amsterdam

- Bachelor of Science in Natural and Social Sciences
- Specialization (major) in Information Studies
- 8.1 weighted average grade||
||2006 – 2009 ||Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology
<li>Completed all introductory-level courses (Propaedeutic Diploma)</li>
||1999 – 2005 ||Gymnasium Haganum, The Hague
- VWO, program with an emphasis on the Natural Sciences
- Electives: Philosophy, Latin||

||2014 – ||**Research Programmer**, University of Amsterdam

The team I'm part of works on enabling exploratory search in conversational text, with a focus on parliamentary proceedings. Currently, my research is oriented towards information extraction, automated linking between several related datasets, and the application of visual analytics to exploratory search.||
||2013 – ||**Back-end Developer**, Stamkracht, Amsterdam

For Stamkracht I work on [[ Qollap]], a collaboration platform for medium and large enterprises. My focus lies with R&D and the implementation of new features, such as expert finding and data-driven insights.||
||2012 – 2013 ||**Graduate Student Assistant**, University of Amsterdam

My main task was the selection and development of educational material for the e-learning module "Knowledge Web". The lessons included topics such as epistemology, linked data, and semantic web technology, for which I assembled existing reading material and developed quizzes and practical assignments.||
||2011 – 2012 ||**Semantic Web Developer**, Librio, Delft

Librio was a service in the form of a web application which started out with the aim to make lending and trading books attractive to students. I concluded my work on this project with my Bachelor's thesis.||
||2008 – 2011 ||**Research Assistant**, Delft University of Technology

In the period 2007-2011 I was involved in a research project with the goal of creating a tool for Industrial Design Engineers, which assists them in finding and sharing relevant information and knowledge. My activities within this project included research, web design, and development.||
||""2007 – 2009 ""||**System Administrator**, Hotel de Plataan, Delft

During my studies at the Delft University of Technology I was responsible for the systems administration at a privately owned hotel. This was a part-time job at which I maintained seven workstations and three servers. Additional activities included procurement, maintenance of other (digital) appliances, and documentation and instruction for my co-workers.||

2005 – 2006
Freelancer, air-quality calculations, Adviesbureau Ruimtegebruik, Delft
Adviesbureau Ruimtegebruik is involved in making projections of future traffic flows which are influenced by proposed construction projects. I have performed calculations to determine which impact these traffic flows will have on the surrounding air-quality (with the aid of a TNO software application). The external clients were the municipal governments of Rotterdam and Spijkenisse.

2006 – 2006
Restaurant Employee, Inter IKEA Systems BV, Delft
At IKEA I mainly worked as an assistant cook. At first only to prepare cold dishes, but after several weeks also to prepare warm dishes. I also fulfilled service and supply functions.

2012 – 2012
Chair of the Adaptation Working Group, LERU Bright 2012 Conference, Amsterdam
The theme of the conference was "Networks: Complex Futures", on which we worked in interdisciplinary working groups.

2008 – 2010
Triager, The Vaults of Erowid,
Erowid is a non-profit organization with the following mission:”documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives”. As triager, I checked submitted articles for quality and added value, as support for the reviewers.

2006 – 2008
Lead Music Programmer, O.J.V. De Koornbeurs, Delft
In my days as an event organizer, I was responsible for coordinating a team of 10 volunteer music programmers at a moderately-sized venue. Our activities included selecting cool artists, organizing four events per month, promoting them, and ensuring that the events ran smoothly.

2007 – 2008
Film Programmer, Wolpop Foundation, Delft
I have arranged a program for the film theater of the Wolpop festival (2008 edition), featuring short films from local artists, digital video art, and some feature-length films. In order to keep the film theater accessible, we placed it in one of the open halls of the venue. To still provide a good viewing experience, we installed an audio system with headphones for every seat.

2005 – 2008
Member, O.J.V. De Koornbeurs, Delft
Several roles that I took on here were those of: bartender, kitchen assistant, sound engineer, DJ, and event organizer.

2006 – 2007
Music Programmer, Wolpop Foundation, Delft
Wolpop is an annual cultural festival which features music, theater, film, modern dance, and art installations. For the 2006 edition of the festival I was responsible for selecting, arranging and contracting the artists.
//Fluent:// Dutch, English. //Basic:// French, German.
system evaluation, domain modeling, literature review, stakeholder analysis, statistics (R & SPSS), study design
//Code:// Python, ""JavaScript"", Groovy, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, (X)HTML, CSS
//Tools:// Gremlin, DBpedia Spotlight, Elasticsearch, ""MongoDB"", NLTK
//Tasks:// information extraction, visualization, interaction design, recommendation, (open) standardization
food preparation, music programming, video production, visual arts, volunteer coordination
Judo ( 1st Kyu ), Aikido ( 4th Kyu ), visual performance and video production with my friends as FrozenCutlery
**Training **
2003, 2004 Model United Nations (""MiniMUN"", MUNISH, THIMUN)
2002, 2003 English Summer Course (advanced level), British School DH

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