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- This is a psychedelic trip. The sheer diversity of mushrooms is making my head spin. I cannot believe my luck. (Kiran Jethra, Tales from the bush larder, 2015, non verbatim)
- Life causes all manner of confusion. I think stories should do the same. (Grant Morrison, non verbatim)
- The extra mile is a vast, unpopulated wasteland. ([[ Haden, 2012]])
- [On Cartesian metaphysics and communication] Then communication - at best, if there are other people at all, which is maybe doubtful in this worldview - has to be the transferring of an image from one person to another. That metaphysics makes sense of our theory of communication. That's why communication looks to us like the movement of an message, and the reconstitution of an image in the head. It is a pathological metaphysics though. This is, strictly speaking, a schizophrenic metaphysics. ([[ Weinberger, 2009]] - 32m07s)
- This is what we call culture--the conceptual treasures our communities accumulate through history. ([[ Minsky, 1988]])
- If one is working better than the other, it's because I think the one is a better representation, which means that the one gets closer to reality. So, that's... Life is short. In this way we get truth and utility in one fell swoop. ([[ Smith, 2009]] - 78m33s)
- Your cognitive dissonance is epic. ([[ Mann, 2006]])

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