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My original plan for this page was to take a snapshot of my bookcase, make an image-map for the picture, and to give you some nice pop-outs with my comments on the book. It all seemed so simple two months ago....

I didn't even try to make the page in this manner. Instead, I've joined the project and will help to design and build a new service to help Dutch students borrow/buy/lend/sell their required literature. Not quite as simple, but loads more fun! (in other words: I have a legitimate excuse to leave this page as it is for the time being ;-) )

David Siegel's blogs

David Siegel is one of those people whom you've probably never heard of, but whose impact on the world you have already (indirectly) felt. Mainly because he has an early feel for things. He is the world's fifth blogger, wrote a book on global environmental change in 1990, wrote a very insightful article about the housing market bubble in 2005, has a crystal clear view on the Semantic Web, and thinks that he would do the best job as Apple's next CEO. Watch the video to get a sneak peek of his latest ideas and the passion with which he delivers them.

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